Nothing in The Universe is Random!


Followers of Numerology believe that nothing in the Universe is random, and that through Numerology you can understand the order of The Universe better, find your true self, and the awareness you gain puts you in control.

Numerology gives you awareness that puts you in control.

We consider numerology a self help tool that can reveal a lot about your personality and your life as a whole.

A natural skeptic, I never understood or believed in much of anything, but was shocked at its accuracy and the insight it gave me!

  • Can it really it work?
  • Can it show your potential natural talents and abilities?
  • Can it reveal your true desires and life path?
  • Or is it just some crackpot tabloid thing?

Modern Numerology is based on teachings of many ancient cultures including Babylon, Greece through famed mathematician and mystic Pythagoras and his followers, astrological philosophy from Egypt starting circa 300 BC, early Gnosticism and Christian Mysticism, The Hindu Vedas, The Hebrew Kabala, and much more.

Numerology is based on simple numbers primarily related to your date of birth, your birth name, and the name you currently use.

How Does Numerology Work?

The sum of the numbers in your birthdate and the sum of the numeric values of your name (every letter has a number, for example A is 1, B is 2, C is 3, etc) give insight into your purpose in life, romantic compatibility, talents, motivations, character, lucky numbers and lucky days.

These two numbers are called your Life Path Number, your most important number which describes the nature of your life journey, and your Expression Number/Destiny Number, which details your potential natural talents and abilities.

Other important numbers include your Soul Urge Number which comes from the vowels in your full name and is the “inner you,” as well as your Personality Number and Attitude Number.

Does Numerology actually Work?

  • Do numbers really have some sort of cosmic vibrations?
  • Is it some fundamental force of the Universe?
  • Does The Universe truly have an order?
  • Can it truly lead to self awareness and control?
  • Can you harness the power of Numerology to improve your life?
  • Can Numerology remove the “Brain Fog” also known as Cognitive Dissidence?

Who knows? I believe it is worth a try and certainly it has led me down the path of increased self awareness.

It certainly has fascinated me, a former mathematician with an advanced degree who now works in computer science – and mathematicians and scientists are natural skeptics.

“Modern numerology often contains aspects of a variety of ancient cultures and teachers” – Wikipedia


4 Responses to “Numerology”

  1. Helmet

    Nov 27. 2013

    A nice logical description of Numerology – I’ve found most descriptions online are anything but simple and logical, and tend to use ill defined or undefined terms (like “vibrations” – what kind of “vibrations” etc.)

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  2. Playne Jayne

    Dec 01. 2013

    I find Numerology to be a great self introspection and self awareness tool, & probably it’s best to summarize as great for self improvement.

    I am a pretty conservative lady. Some parts I do find to be too out there for me to take seriously, although I do attempt to keep an open mind.

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  3. Latissha

    May 04. 2014

    I believe 100% in numerology and its applications to life, and like your approach how it is useful or at least can be even for skeptics and non believers. Most of us start out at least as skeptics – I certainly did!

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  4. Morteenia

    Aug 11. 2014

    I really didn’t know anything about Numerology until I stumbled across your site – I *thought* I knew what it was but was very wrong. Going to go get a free numerology reading as you suggest and spend some time perusing your site tonight after work. Thanks!

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